Bears of Spain (Download)
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Bears of Spain (Download)

Take a trip with us to the Iberian Peninsula of Spain where we introduce to you our HOT Bears of Spain.

Scene 1 - Rhoyne Hill and Gill Reynolds
After a long hot day in the September sun in Barcelona, Rhoyne Hill & Gill Reynolds decide to go back to their flat and work up a more manly sweat with each other. Both guys are beefy and hail from the Barcelona area of Spain which means that they are used to the heat.

Scene 2 - Ramoso Fiore and Javi Rodrigo
Javi and Ramoso are a pair of extra caliente bears with a gorgeous afternoon free in Barcelona to entertain themselves. Pretending to be fascinated from the view from their balcony, the Spanish bears drop the pretense and eagerly strip each other naked, sucking each other off before the smaller Ramoso flips big cuddly Javi over and starts drilling his big round ass. These hot blood Spanish bears love it hot and sloppy and Ramoso drills Javi's hot pink hole until he's shooting cum everywhere.

Scene 3 - Jorcano Garcia and Pep Tormenta
The first in our video series including Spanish Bears Jorcano Garcia & Pep Tormenta sweating out the afternoon Summer heat in Sitges, Spain. Back at their apartment both guys work up a heated sweaty sex session before their afternoon siesta.

Scene 4 - Marko Bulto, Viktor Karmen and Fran JB
Marko Bulto and Viktor Karmen enjoy fucking outdoors. When Fran JB walks by on the beach sand dunes of Cabopino both guys signal him over to join them in a public sex Cabopino 3-way!

Scene 5 - Marko Bulto and Viktor Karmen
Madrid Bears Marko Bulto and Viktor Karmen take a break in Southern Spains’ Malaga for a long month holiday. The passion is too high and the guys need to fuck the afternoon away. Both guys explore each other’s cock on the couch inch by inch then move the heat over to the dining room table where each bear flips fucks the other into a mixture of fur, sweat and cum.

Scene 6 - Ramoso Fiore, Fran JB, Javi Rodrigo, Jorcano Garcia and Rhoyne Hill
Ramoso Fiore, Jorcano Garcia, Rhoyne Hill, Fran Jba and Javi Rodrigo are home from the afternoon sun during the Sitges Bear Event in Spain. Javi being the horndog welcomes 4 bears back to his flat from the beach to work out some sweaty, caliente bear loads.

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