Bear Voyage 2 - Rock the Boat! (Download)
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Bear Voyage 2 - Rock the Boat! (Download)

Take a bunch of sexy bears on a cruise of the high seas, add in some salt air and seamen, and you're gonna' rock the boat! That's exactly what happens in Bear Voyage 2: Rock the Boat! Shot entirely at sea in the Western Caribbean, the movie features seven sexy bear-studs in hardcore sucking, rimming and fucking action. The ocean's not the only thing that swells in this one!

Scene 1 - Dirk, Ric, and Woody
Passengers report strange noises to Captain Woody, who goes to investigate. He soon finds the source of the loud sounds: Ric and Dirk are fucking in their cabin! But rather than throw them overboard, Woody starts watching the two from the entryway and touching himself. He just can't help touching himself while Ric and Dirk fuck each other, and neither will you!

Scene 2 - Steve and Kubby
Captain Woody continues his rounds, this time out on the deck. He soon spots Kubby and his wife lounging around. But when hot bear Steve wanders by, Kubby just can't stop watching him. Soon, he follows Steve into the bathroom, where the two get to know each other better by sucking each other's cocks and licking each other all over (including armpits). The Steve puts Kubby up on the bathroom counter and fucks him hard, making the other bear forget all about his wife!

Scene 3 - VeniceCub and Michael
VeniceCub is hanging out listening to a comic when Michael brings him a drink. The two catch each other's eyes, and soon, they're headed back to VeniceCub's room to have a little fun! They give each other blow jobs and do a little rimming out on the balcony with the blue sea below them, then Michael fucks VeniceCub's tight hole. You'll love every second of this hot scene.

Scene 4 - Kubby and Dirk
Kubby wants another hot bear encounter, so he's hanging around the bathroom. When Dirk walks by, Kubby knows he's found his man! The two go back to Dirk's room for a little shower fun. Kubby loves running his hands through Dirk's thick dark fur that covers just about every inch of his body. Then they move to the bed and suck, rim, and fuck each other senseless. Kubby may be married, but it's pretty obvious he knows just what to do with a big, hairy man!

Scene 5 - Orgy
Captain Woody is getting off by smelling Ric's underwear when the other bear walks in. Ric makes Woody suck his cock before he strips the captain and fucks him. Michael walks in with Rick's dinner and takes his turn at fucking Woody, something he's wanted to do for a long time! Next, VeniceCub wanders in and gets his piece of the captain's ass. Steve, Dirk, and Kubby eventually join in the captain gang-bang, each taking their pleasure in the captain's ass and filling the cabin with cum!

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