Bear Ruckus (Download)
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Bear Ruckus (Download)

We had to get out of the cold last winter, so we headed on down to Florida where we had fun with some nasty bears and cubs...They wanted to shoot and so did we! So here's the result of a sex-packed week in the Florida sunshine...check out this sleazy sexfest!

Scene 1 - Duke and Steve Ellis
These two big bears can't help themselves - they've wanted to fuck ever since they saw each other. Duke gets Steve's cock slick with his spit, leaving trails of it all over his dick and hairy balls. Then it's Steve's turn to get a mouth-full of Duke's hard meat before he bends the other bear over and eats his ass. The two do a little 69 before Steve puts Duke in a sling and claims his tight hole for himself.

Scene 2 - Andrew, Noah, Tom, and Trey
These four bears are hot and horny and want to fuck like nothing else! They start off paired up, each twosome sucking cock and rimming ass like only bears can. You won't want to miss any of this action, especially once the fucking begins and the cum starts flying as these four bears start playing together. You'll want to have plenty of tissue nearby while watching this scene!

Scene 3 - Hart Caldwell
Sexy, silver bear Hart begins his solo scene by teasing us with a little nipple play. Then he slips his pants down and starts stroking and rubbing his cock while staring into the camera with his deep, sexy eyes. It's like he's looking right out of the TV at you while you touch yourself, and trust us, you'll want to do just that while you watch Hart get hard and shoot his jism all over his chest.

Scene 4 - Boots and Kenny Riston
The bar is empty, but that doesn't stop Boot and Kenny from having a good time. These two harnessed bears start kissing and touching each other, then Kenny drops to his knees and licks Boot's balls and cock. The two trade off sucking, rimming, and fucking each other throughout the bar, making use of just about every surface available. These two prove that you can have a fucking good time at the bar without ever ordering a drink!

Scene 5 - Noah, Trey, and WolfCub
These three handsome bears hardly waited for our cameras to be set up before they were naked and engaging in a hot threesome. They do it all in every position: blow jobs, rimming, sixty nine, two on one - there's nothing these three won't do. That includes fucking, as the three ride each other in several different positions before shooting streamers of sticky cum everywhere.

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