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Bear Meat (Download)
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Bear Meat (Download)

There’s nothing like a man with substance. Whether you’re the one getting fucked, or the one doing the fucking, you want a man you can grab and hold on to. And when it comes to bear meat… regardless of whether you’re talking about cock or body… beefy fuckers Adam Jones, Justin West, Atlas Grant, Dax Librastic, Ale Tedesco, Carlo Verga, and married couple Jayson and Victor West, fit the bill. They’ve got what it takes. They are men with substance. Men that will fill you and satisfy your craving for… Bear Meat.

Scene 1 - Adam Jones and Justin West

The day has barely begun, but Adam Jones is up, dressed, and showered. Eager to start his day, he grabs a piece of fruit for breakfast. Along comes Justin West, who snatches the thing from mid-air. He's ready for breakfast, too. But he doesn't want fruit. The bearded, buzzed, and tattooed bear is in the mood for sausage and eggs. He grabs hold of Adam's cock as they make out and is soon on his knees, devouring the thick, uncut tool. Adam returns the oral favor, giving Justin as wet and juicy a blowjob as he received. But it gets even juicier! With Justin up on the table, a buffet of hot, hairy bear ass is served, and Adam devours it all. The handsome, tattooed top slides his throbbing shaft home and starts to fuck, taking his sweet time. After all, isn't that what you're supposed to do at brunch? Adam builds to an intense sweat as he fucks Justin. Eventually, both come, and the jizz splatters all over Adam, who is now wet, sweaty, and juicier than before. Exactly how we like our bears!

Scene 2 - Atlas Grant and Dax Librastic

When Dax Librastic comes home after work he finds Atlas Grant waiting for bed, of course! Who wouldn't be horny at the site of the bearded, furry, tattooed muscle bear? The two immediately embrace and start making out but quickly move on to the pleasure of sucking cock. Dax gets a mouthful as he and Atlas get into a 69, which leads to Atlas eating out Dax's hole. After rimming and fingering Dax, Atlas lubes up, positions himself, and slides his raw, uncut cock home. He fucks Dax bareback, pounding away doggy-style and pushing Dax into ecstasy as he moans and grunts. Sometimes, Dax even fucks himself! Which is perhaps one of the hottest things in the world, to watch a man so in need of cock, aching to be penetrated that he moves at his own rhythm and speed. Atlas eventually flips Dax onto his back, raises his legs and slides back in, this time going deeper. But it's not until Atlas re-positions Dax so he's half off the bed, ass raised for a proper fuck, that Dax's eyes practically roll back into his head. Watch for the look on his face when Atlas fills him once more! The sex pigs are a sight to behold and you can just imagine how good Dax's hole must feel clamping down on Atlas's cock, milking his shaft until he's about ready to cum. And speaking of cum...Atlas shoots a load that's absolutely mouthwatering. It's so good Dax dives for a taste before finishing himself off -- with Atlas clamped down on his nipple -- delivering an incredible money shot!

Scene 3 - Ale Tedesco and Carlos Verga

The only thing hotter than fiery, passionate men is horny men from the Mediterranean talking dirty in their native tongue. Ale Tedesco and Carlos Verga are super hot and horny as they start the day off with a good suck. Carlos devours Ale's uncut cock then gives up his ass for the bearded, tattooed daddy to inspect. Ale eats out Carlos's hole, fingers it, then slides home. Ale slaps Carlos on the ass and fucks him bareback, riding him as if he were churning that cream for a homemade cannoli. Carlos then takes control of how his ass gets worked over, impaling himself on Ale and riding his throbbing shaft. The dirty talk comes faster and gets louder as they edge, getting closer to climax. No, you won't need to know what they're saying. You'll be able to make it out. After all, sex is the universal language of lust. Bravo! Bravo!

Scene 4 - Jayson West and Victor West

Married in real life, we asked Jayson West and Victor West some probing questions. Things like, what first got you into porn? Why do you do porn? What is your favorite part of each other's bodies? What turns you on sexually? And despite this being Jayson's first time, neither one was shy about answering. The two hairy, bearded men start making out and kissing, which is Jayson's favorite thing to do. And Victor, who likes his nipples played with, gets his tweaked, which gets him into the mood instantly. Jayson and Victor strip down to reveal muscular, furry bodies. Victor swallows Jayson's cock before offering up his meaty ass to Jayson, who rims and tongue fucks his ultra hairy husband. Jayson is soon inside Victor, taking his man raw until he blasts a huge load. Watching these two fuck bareback is like watching big, bruiser gladiators going at it. All that's missing is the sweat and oil!


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