Bear Juice (Download)
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Bear Juice (Download)

Want to see 17 REAL MEN go at it, hot and heavy? Then this is the video for you! Jam-packed with some mighty tasty bears and cubs, Bear Juice is blended to quench your thirst for hot bear porn!

Scene 1 - Flip Flop Fuckers
What do you get when you put three hot bears in one large bed? An amazing menage a trois. Sid, Beau, and Dieselcub, start out sucking each other's hard, long cocks, but soon, they're spreading each other's tight assholes and shoving eager fingers into each other. The three show why they're called the flip flop fuckers as each man takes a turn in the middle. After being ridden, sucked, licked, and thoroughly sated, the three come with loud grunts and moans. The final cum shot is shown from two different angles, giving viewers twice the thrill.

Scene 2 - Bear Heat
After meeting in a bar, Clint and Heath couldn't keep their eyes off of each other. Once the bar closes, the two can't keep their hands off of each other, either, as they start out kissing and soon turn to doing much more. The two hot men begin dressed in leather but quickly bare their hairy bodies while they kiss. They fuck in several different positions, and Clint makes sure Heath's snug ass gets a workout. Finally, Clint shots a huge load all over Heath's back, coating the furry bottom with his sticky, thick cum.

Scene 3 - Bears in the Backcountry
Where do hot bears go for a little relaxation? If you're Bull, Timo, and Smoky McLain, you head to a secluded cabin in the backcountry for a little sucking and fucking. After making each other moan from blowjobs, Smoky is pushed down on the couch and the other two have their way with him, pinching his taunt nipples, eating his hard meat, and running their curious tongues all over his hairy, moist entrance. The three are so hot, we're sure you'll never think of a weekend mountain retreat in quite the same way!

Scene 4 - Boat Bears
Captain Bear, DieselCub, BehrNW, and CubNW commandeer a boat and set sail on a lake to take in the warm sun, blue waves, and each other's hot bodies. Naked, the four start off with a little sucking and rimming, navigating across each other's hairy bodies with their moist tongues. After some fun in the sun, they move into the cabin, and soon the tiny boat is echoing with their groans and shouts. The four really rock the boat as they suck, lick, and fuck each other hard and fast. No cruise director could ever plan a scene as hot as this one!

Scene 5 - A Cub and his Polar Bear
Polar Bear Hank couldn't help showing off his cub Kevin-Bruce to everyone who wanted to watch. Hank starts off by pissing all over Kevin, then puts a tight cock ring on Kevin's large dick and ties his heavy combat boots around Kevin's cock and balls. Finally, Hank shots a long, foamy stream of cum all over the chest of his used and abused cub. Kevin-Bruce doesn't look at all unhappy, though; in fact, we think you'll agree that he looks pretty pleased with everything his hot polar bear puts him through!

Scene 6 - Furry Fourway
Hot bears Sebastian and Ross Wilson meet up with Collt and Dozer to have a little fun. The four all sport tight leather harnesses that they used to grab, hold, and pull each other around as they grasp one another's hard velvet shafts and fuck each other senseless. After a lot of thrusting and sucking, all of these hot, built men explode, sending cum all over each other. One poor bear even finds his face and hair washed in cum in what is one of the hottest money shots you'll ever see.

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