Bear Instincts (Download)
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Bear Instincts (Download)

Bear Instincts: Pushing the Limits is nearly 4 hours of graphic, intense leather-man action. This film has something for everyone, from guys who have always wondered about what S/M is all about to the serious leather players! In addition to 8 hardcore scenes, you can see interviews with the "masters" at the end of Disc 1 to learn more about what turns them on about Leather!

Scene 1 - Interview with a Master - Rocky and Hank
When Hank knocks on Master Rocky's door, he has no idea what he's in for! This slave soon finds himself learning all he ever wanted to know about being a submissive slave bear as he is ordered to strip and allow himself to be examined by Rocky. Rocky beats, teases, whips, and dominates his slave in just about every way possible, even locking him in a tiny cage. If you love seeing a worthless slave beaten, fucked, and used, you'll love watching Rocky and Hank. Just be sure to have a towel or two on'll need them!

Scene 2 - Diversion
Johnny and Ed need some cash fast, but their life of crime comes to an end when Trooper catches them trying to break into a warehouse. He handcuffs the two delinquent bears and takes them to Rocky for a little behavior adjustment. The two masters make Johnny and Ed suck their cocks, lick their boots, and do other humiliating things while Hank watches from his cage. After being whipped, spanked, fucked, and abused, you can bet Johnny and Ed will never think of breaking the law again.

Scene 3 - Collared
Six months after being punished, Ed still can't get the memory of the pleasure and pain out of his mind, so he tracks down Trooper and asks to be his slave. Trooper isn't sure the young bear has what it takes and is determined to put him through the paces to find out if Ed is worthy of being his slave. The master bear stomps on Ed, makes the slave clean his boots, and whips his cock before tying him up and really going to work on him. Ed had no idea what he was in for, but he loved every second of it, and we think you will, too!

Scene 4 - Experimenting
After being trained by Trooper, Ed meets up with Joe for a little experimenting. The two run their hands and mouths all over each other's hairy bodies, licking nipples, sucking cocks, and exploring hairy assholes with their mouths. Ed gives Joe a long, hard fucking that leaves him feeling both thoroughly used and wanting more, then dumps his huge, sticky load all over his chest and Joe's face! Then he slings the other bear up and fucks his ass with his fingers, making Joe growl and shout with pleasure. You'll be shouting, too, as you watch these hot and hairy men please each other!

Scene 5 - Caught
When Dakota Cub gets caught watching Daddy Ric in the shower, the younger bear gets a lesson in manners. Ric takes him down to his dungeon and makes Dakota worship his leather boots and suck his dick before he whips the voyeur's cock and ass. Dakota gets his ass fingered and his cock sucked before Daddy Ric slams his long prick into Dakota's hole. Ric jerks Dakota off, making the bottom bear cover his chest in a flood of white, sticky cum!

Scene 6 - Show me the Money
How do you make a boring office a little more exciting? Put a couple of fucking bears between the potted plants! Ed and Mountain Marine Dawg suck, lick, and fuck each other raw in this hot scene. Ed ends up on his back on the desk while Marine Dawg licks his hairy ass, sucks on his cock, and then fucks him. Then Mountain Marine Dawg ends up on the desk as Ed pounds his hole. Finally, Ed and Marine Dawg cum all over each others chest and face!

Scene 7 - Turning the Tables
Young janitor Chris and his boss Ben take a break from work in the back room in "Turning the Tables." They share a cigar, and soon, Ben finds himself at the mercy of his employee as Chris touches the hot ember to Ben's nipples and chest, then drips hot wax all over his furry chest. Ben gives Chris one amazing rim job before letting the younger bear fuck him senseless. These two are incredibly hot, and you won't want to miss this smoking scene!

Scene 8 - Submission
Clint and GlennBear love wearing leather, fucking, and being slung up! When these two get together, GleenBear finds himself on the submissive end, being ordered to suck on Clint's cock and lick his feet before fucking Clint's ass with his tongue. Then Clint takes his slave to the sling and rams his prick into GlennBear's ass, taking him fast and hard. The scene ends with Clint and Glenn covering GlennBear's chest with buckets of sticky jism.

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