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Bear Fuckers (Download)
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Bear Fuckers (Download)

We all know teddy bears are sweet, super adorable and extra cuddly. But who wants a stuffed bear when they can have the real thing? A big, furry man who growls in your ear and fucks you raw, as ferociously as a bear coming out of hibernation. They can be top or bottom, big or small. Even chasers, like Dave London, can get as gruff as Atlas Grant, Tony Rivers, John Thomas, Rex Blue, Justin West, and Jayson West because when it comes right down to it, we're all... Bear Fuckers.

Scene 1 - Atlas Grant and Tony Rivers

Everything is magic when you first start dating. The world around you disappears. The moments you share seem to happen in slow motion. Even sex seems to happen in technicolor. It's no different when you're a pornstar like Atlas Grant. He and Tony Rivers have only gone out twice, but there's an energy surrounding them that makes fucking unique. After making out, the bearded, hairy muscle bear takes turns sucking cock with Tony. In fact, Atlas practically devours Tony's cock before moving on to eat out his ass. Tony begs Atlas to fuck him, but Atlas only teases him further. Eventually, Atlas slides home and pounds Tony deep and hard and long. And after fucking his new cub bottom bareback, Atlas spews a big load all over himself, followed by Tony, who erupts all over his belly.

Scene 2 - John Thomas and Rex Blue

When you're playing a game, especially a video game where two players are involved, it's always fun to up the ante. Which is what happens when Rex Blue walks into the room. The bearded cub gets into a game with John Thomas, playing head-to-head, and the winner gets... well, head! Rex claims he let John win, but if it's true, we can't blame him. After all, John has a big, fat cock that's juicy, mouthwatering, and delicious uncut. But John is a sore winner. He likes to make sure that even the loser gets in on the action. So he drops to his knees to service Rex, returning the oral favor by slobbering all over his meaty joystick. But there's more to this type of game. For example, going on a quest to see if your dick fits a tight hole. After eating Rex's hole, John fucks him bareback until it's Game Over, with each of them blowing a creamy wad. And YOU didn't think it would be fun to play video games!

Scene 3 - Dave London and Justin West

There is nothing like waking up beside the man of your dreams. Your heart swells with joy, even as your cock swells with blood. Dave London and Justin West awaken one lazy Sunday morning, at the same time. They take their time making out then move on to sucking cock, gorging themselves on thick, uncut meat. Justin shows off some mad oral skills as he takes the entire length of Dave’s throbbing shaft down to the balls. But Dave wants more than just a blowjob. He flips the beefy, tattooed bear onto his belly and goes to town eating out Justin’s ass. And after priming Justin full of spit, Dave slides that long, fat tool inside and pounds away. Barebacking Justin as if his life depended on it, Dave slams him harder, deeper, and faster. Dave sprays his jizz all over Justin, then seeds his hungry ass. Justin then spews his own fresh seed, which Dave laps up, and shares in a sticky kiss.

Scene 4 - Jayson West and Rex Blue

Sometimes it's not about stuffing a man's face full of cock. Or taking his hole deep, hard, and rough. Sometimes it's about being in your man's personal space. Feeling his energy. It's about touch and feeling the heat build. Following this road to intimacy, Jayson West and Rex Blue get very well acquainted. Then the kissing starts. The moaning and groaning. The touching continues, with Jayson and Rex grabbing fistfuls of fur, pinching and tweaking each others pierced nipples. The heat builds when Jayson drops his jeans and Rex gets that daddy cock in his mouth. Things get even hotter when bald and bearded Jayson returns the oral favor. He then gives hairy cub Rex a sloppy rim job. Husky Rex takes beefy Jayson up the ass, bareback fucked nice and steady in a scene that is as sensual and gentle as it is primal and whorish.


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