Bear Essentials (Download)
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Bear Essentials (Download)

Bear Essentials is 100% hardcore bear and cub action, filmed just for your pleasure! We shot this film in Florida and Palm Springs and these men sure give a new meaning to the word "HOT!"

Scene 1 - Cub Sandwich
It's Joey's lucky day when bears Andrew and Venice Cub decide he needs working over. The two hole hounds soon have their beefy friend naked and proceed to make him service their hard-ons. Joey, of course, loves every minute of it, especially when Venice Cub starts really pounding his ass and then climaxes all over his back. Not to be outdone, ravenous Andrew goes to work on his own tool, firing all over himself as the hot threesome comes to an end.

Scene 2 - Photo Bears
It all started off as an innocent little photo shoot, but things took a turn when Steve needed a little fluffing. Soon, VoyeurCub and photographer Adam Rivers find themselves on the other end of the camera. It's a hairy free for all as the three trade off every position, each blowing and rimming the other two. Andrew jerks himself off and makes VoyeurCub lick up every drop of his hot cream before the two push Steve down on his back and suck him off, showing him (and you) the real meaning of photo "shoot."

Scene 3 - Bear Workout
After a grueling workout, Adam and Phred are feeling pumped up and decide they need pump something other than iron. Adam yanks himself off all over Vinnie, then, after spilling his seed on Vinie's chest, heads off to the shower while Phred blows Vinnie and plays with Vinnie's Prince Albert. After getting his fill of meat, Phred follows it up by rimming Vinnie while the other muscle bear blows his load. Vinnie licks up every last drop of Phred's sweat juice, enjoying that great mixed taste of sweat, cum, and bear.

Scene 4 - Bear Juice
Andrew and Tom have long been partners, but these two haven't fallen into any kind of stale lovemaking pattern. Instead, they're still incredibly hot. Both love nipple play, and Tom spares no expense in attacking Andrew's pierced nipples. Andrew can't get enough of Tom's hot hole and even grabs hold of Tom's leather vest and jerks him back and forth with it. After wearing himself out, he collapses on the bed and lets Tom suck and jerk him off, shooting all over himself. Then he helps Tom blow his load before collapsing, thoroughly exhausted from a long, hard fucking.

Scene 5 - Palm Springs
It was a hot, smothering afternoon when Andrew, Clint, Tom, and VeniceCub came together to have a little fun in a very well-equipped dungeon. These four leather-clad sex demons waste no time in going at it, and soon their mouths are full of wood and their inner-most chambers are being invaded by both fingers and wet, moist tongues. Once all four have tried out everything the dungeon has to offer, they put one lucky bear on the table and, in an amazing shot, jerk themselves off all over him, covering his hairy body with streams of milky white jism.

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