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Barebacking Cum Sluts (Download)
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Barebacking Cum Sluts (Download)

How do you like your sex? Do you like it nice and gentle with a lot of passionate, soft kissing, followed by a lot of slow deep dick fucking until you shoot your load? Fun and playful with your face buried in a hot and sweaty crotch and then bent over the couch getting pounded like you lost a bet, and this was your payment, so you made sure he came loud and proud? How about rough and raw with no words spoken unless it’s you moaning “Fuck Me” while getting rammed by a thick cock until his cum is spread all over your ass cheeks? Or a mixture of all it with you sucking, kissing, fucking, and cumming everywhere. Romeo Davis, Harvey Sid, Christian, Matthews, Alex Hawk, Drew Dixon, David Luca, Parker Allen, and Brutus Hitchcock gives you all of it plus a lot more on Barebacking Cum Sluts. Grab your favorite cum rag, whoever that may be, and join in.

Scene 1 - Romeo Davis and Harvey Sid

Romeo is as horny as ever and has gone a week without a fuck boy on his dick, which is unacceptable. That all changes when he texts Harvey Sid over to his place for an afternoon snack. Romeo is on the bed when Harvey walks into his bedroom and doesn't waste any time getting him in his arms. They only spend a minute kissing before Romeo puts him on his knees and begins to eat his tight ass. But Romeo isn't the one needing the snack, and soon Harvey is enjoying a delicious, thick, and tasty cock down his throat. Romeo loves feeding his boy, but we all know what he wants. Romeo didn't call Harvey over for anything but a hard, long fuck. Being the good boy that he is, Harvey get's right into position, chest down, ass up, on the bed. Romeo falls deep into Harvey and goes to work, pounding his boy open, in several positions, until he is ready to unload all over Harvey's happy and worn out hole.

Scene 2 - Christian Matthews and Alex Hawk

For Christian Matthews, there's nothing like a game of pool to help put him at ease and help him get rid of workday aggression. Maybe it's the way he hits the balls, slamming them hard and watching them scatter across the green felt. Or maybe it's the thrill of stiff competition, in the form of Alex Hawk, who ups the ante with a Winner-Take-All attitude. Most times, there's a clear winner and loser but in this particular game -- with hard wood and sinking big balls into dark, willing holes -- both are winners. No one got hustled, and no one sank the 8-ball. some cases, that might not necessarily be a bad thing, would it? Tattooed and pierced Christian bareback fucks the hell out of power bottom Alex, pounding him hard and deep, drilling away until they each let out some much needed release!

Scene 3 - Drew Dixon and David Luca

The night is young when you are fucking a sexy man. Drew and David just got in from a long night out and are finally alone. They waste no time getting close and immediately start kissing as soon as they get through the bedroom door. Drew isn't in any rush and takes his time undressing and kissing his man, from head to toe. They then lay on the bed so David can show his ways of pleasing a man. Drew loves looking down at David as he sucks on his cock. He wiggles it for him like a boy with a bone and a happy dog ready to play. But playtime has just begun as Drew flips David on his stomach and lifts his ass in the air. He licks and eats that delicious butt until it's ready for that uncut cock. Drew takes it lightly on his bottom so he can adjust to the feel, but made sure David enjoys every stroke. He then flips him on his back and gives him a real good fuck. David then takes control and puts Drew on his back so he can ride that cock. After a few more positions, including against the wall, Drew is ready to shot his load and puts it all over David's ass with David cumming not far behind.

Scene 4 - Parker Allen and Brutus Hitchcock

Sometimes, couples get out of sync. When that happens, it's important to reconnect and remember what it was about your man that made you want to fuck his brains out. Parker Allen and Brutus Hitchcock heed a friend's advice and fly to Vegas, where they can tune out all distractions and rekindle their intimacy. Now, normally we're completely cool with the wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am sort of fucking we've grown used to. But every once in a while it's equally hot to stop, slow down, and relish each kiss, lick and caress. Tall, tattooed and bearded Brutus takes his sweet time eating out bearded Parker's sweet fuckhole. He’s even more controlled when it comes down to sliding that thick, long, throbbing tool balls deep inside Parker's hungry ass. Brutus keeps his finger on the pulse of Parker's needs, as well as his own, until the hairy little guy can’t hold back any longer, blowing his wad all over Brutus before seeding himself with his man's jizz.



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