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All The Dick You Can Take (Download)
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All The Dick You Can Take (Download)

How big? How fat? Cut or uncut? Straight, bi or gay? Regardless of how you take your cock, and whether you’re giving it or taking it, it’s always about dick. When you’re not thinking about it, you might actually be getting some…down your throat or buried balls deep in your ass. From average sized penis to monster cock, and everything in between, how much dick is enough? How much can you take? Well, you’re about to find out because Luke Harding, Dolf Dietrich, Christian Matthews, Steve Sommers, Anthony Grey, Mickey Carpathio, Tancredo Buff and Saul Leinad are about to show you they’ve got…All The Dick You Can Take!

Scene 1 Luke Harding and Mickey Carpathio

Mickey Carpathio and Luke Harding are passionate kissers. They like to leave a little something to the imagination so when they hook up, they take their sweet time playing with each other and making out. When they take their shirts off they take turns playing with each others nipples as they work each other into a frenzy. Things pick up after they show off their oral skills and Luke buries his tongue deep in Mickey's hairy hole. The bald bearded daddy takes Luke's big cock up his ass and it goes in like a hot knife through butter. Luke is a steady fucker, pumping Mickey bareback and giving the pig all he's got. He fucks the cum out of Mickey and keeps on fucking, something many guys can't do once they bust a load. But Mickey, trooper that he is, keeps on letting Luke use his hole as a cock holster until he can barely take anymore. And even then, Mickey keeps on taking that raw cock, fucking himself as he rides Luke bareback. When Luke finally unleashes a thick, copious load, Mickey is right there to eat it all, the way a good, hungry cum pig should.

Scene 2 Dolf Dietrich and Saul Leinad

Bearded hunk Dolf Dietrich and monster hung Saul Leinad start by telling us exactly what it is they like when it comes to sex. We then cut to the interracial couple, making out while still dressed. Dolf wastes little time in dropping to his knees to unleash the big brown uncut monster hiding in Saul's pants. They get into some dirty talk as Dolf services Saul and tries to take the thick meaty slab. But Saul is just too big...for Dolf's mouth! The two strip down and Saul preps Dolf for the main event. But even as he tries to bury that fucker home, Dolf wants more lube. It's just, as Dolf says, "so damn big!" It takes a couple of attempts but Saul eventually slides every single inch of that monster cock home. It's a sight to behold as Dolf takes all that meat then gets plowed by Saul, who bareback fucks the handsome bottom the way he likes to be taken. Dolf ends up riding Saul's bearded face before seeding himself while rides Saul's cock, having just spilled a fresh load of raw jizz.

Scene 3 Christian Matthews and Steve Sommers

Co-workers and fuck buddies Christian Matthews and Steve Sommers get together after a stressful day for some much needed release. Not bothering to strip, bearded Steve chows down on Christian’s cock, sucking him down to the balls and getting his face fucked. The two soon take their business indoors where Christian and Steve continue taking turns getting off on mutual face fucking and deep throat cock sucking. Hairy Steve soon has Christian moaning like a bitch in heat as Steve eats out his ass, tongue fucking and stretching Christian’s hole. Steve bareback fucks his tattooed co-worker, goaded on by trash talking Christian, who gets slammed deep and hard. The two soon flip fuck, with Christian giving as good as he can take before blowing his seed for Steve to eat and savor.

Scene 4 Anthony Grey and Mickey Carpathio

We see a fair amount of black-on-white action in porn but not a lot of white-on-black sex. That's why some of us at the studio got a major boner when adorable, bearded Anthony Grey said he wanted to get royally plowed by a hung white daddy. Who better to pair him up with than bald bearded hung versatile Mickey Carpathio? The interracial, intergenerational duo contrasts beautifully as they kiss and make out. The contrast becomes even hotter when they start stripping, and downright cock rousing when they take turns sucking each other. By the time Mickey buries his large, white daddy bone balls deep inside Anthony's sweet black ass, you'll be dripping plenty of pre-cum you can use as lube. Daddy Mickey bareback fucks tattooed Anthony, giving him plenty of cock and a big load!


Scene 5 Mickey Carpathio, Tancredo Buff and Saul Leinad

On any given day, thousands of meetings a day take place between men around globe. The truly private meetings never see the conference room. They take place in dark bars, quiet restaurants, hotel rooms. We offer up one of our most savory fantasies for you to explore. Imagine if you will, Saul Leinad, Mickey Carpathio and Tancredo Buff. Tancredo is the mustachioed Latin papi decked out in business attire. Beside him sits his business partner, Saul Leinad. The bald, monster hung Blatino hunk plays with his cock as he watches bearded Anglo daddy Mickey Carpathio show them his willingness to get that business deal. What follows is a litany of Spanish dirty talk that gets your juices flowing as your cock stiffens. The tag teaming, spit roasting, bareback fucking duo are Latin mavericks as they take turns manhandling Mickey and stuffing him full of raw cock. They might not have signed on the dotted line of Mickey’s proposal but they sure give Mickey a lot of interest, more cock than he can handle, and plenty of jizz. Now, if only you could take cum to the bank.

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