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After Work Loads (DVD)
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After Work Loads (DVD)

You know what it’s like after a stressful day at work. All you want to do is go home and pop off a load. It doesn’t matter if you get off with your husband, boyfriend, next door neighbor, a trick you met online or a guy you cruise on the street. There’s only one thing on your mind. Sex! So why don’t you loosen up that tie, unzip your pants and whip your dick out to watch Zack Acland, Rogue Status, Saul Leinad, Hugh Hunter, Dolf Dietrich, Mickey Carpathio, Cooper Roads and Teddy Taggart get off with some After Work Loads!

Scene 1 Zack Acland and Rogue Status

When you put together bareback sex pigs you know exactly what you’re going to get. Intense, balls-deep fucking. And in case you had any doubt, Zack Acland and Rogue Status tell you up front exactly what’s going down. Bearded and hung hairy fucker, Rogue plans to load Zack’s hole and Zack intends to ride Rogue’s cock. And that’s exactly what they do! But not before making out and taking turns sucking cock in the kitchen. Stripped down to nothing except for socks and cockrings, tattooed Rogue goes all out on Zack. He stuffs Zack full of raw cock and bareback fucks the eager, hungry whore until he blows a huge load, seeding and cum fucking the hairy, freshly fucked hole.

Scene 2 Saul Leinad and Hugh Hunter

Muscle hunk Hugh Hunter has the hots for tall and bearded Saul Leinad and in a nearby hotel room, the thick-hung daddy finally meets up with Saul for a clandestine afternoon encounter. He’s not surprised when he whips out Saul’s enormous, black and uncut monster cock. Hugh immediately sets to working the beercan dick, taking as much down his throat as he possibly can before Saul returns the oral favor. But since this is about cock in hole, and neither Hugh or Saul could afford to take more than an hour for lunch, they soon got down to business. Saul somehow manages to work that ginormous black slab balls deep inside Hugh, bareback fucking the tattooed stud, his monster balls pressing up tight against Hugh’s ass. The bearded white daddy clearly experiences one of the most moving fucks as he’s stretched and filled, all the while begging to be taken, before coming and helping Saul shoot his own load.

Scene 3 Dolf Dietrich and Mickey Carpathio

Mickey Carpathio and Dolf Dietrich meet up for a clandestine fling at a local hotel room. There, they make out while stripping out of their work clothes. They take turns sucking each other, servicing big dick like fiends. Then Mickey devours his tattooed hunk buddy, eating his ass out as if he were dining on prime, Grade A beef, and in a way, he is! Rimming Dolf only makes the hunk want to get fucked. He offers up his ass for Mickey to do with as he will. The bearded, bald otter has a pretty big dick for a guy his size and what he lacks in height, Mickey more than makes up for in the way he bareback fucks the handsome giant moaning on the hotel bed!

Scene 4 Cooper Roads and Teddy Taggart

Cooper Roads and Teddy Taggart are here to tell us that what they like most about sex is…EVERYTHING! How can you pick just one thing? They’re reply did not surprise us, especially coming from Cooper. Based on his online profile we had a pretty clear picture that the bearded, long-haired redhead is up for almost anything, at almost any time. Teddy, we’re still unsure of but after watching him with Cooper, watching him go down on that big uncut cock and taking Cooper’s raw dick up his ass, well, let’s just say we think there’s very little Teddy wouldn’t do!


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